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Debbie Siegel 

Who doesn't enjoy taking pictures?  In 1991,I had the opportunity at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo to be the Chief Photographer of  Stephens LifeNewspaper for a few years.  After I graduated college, I was a school photographer for Inter-State Studios in Sedalia, Mo. I traveled all over Missouri photographing schools for yearbook photos. Later, I was the  Photographic Equipment Manager at Inter-State Studios. I  photographed  my first wedding in 1994 and loved it! Not good at math? That's 20 years as a professional photographer.  I have loved learning black and white darkroom techniques, subject posing, camera apertures, shutters speeds,  digital imaging and Photoshop tricks. But  sometimes just being at the right place at the right time captures it all!

The most amazing aspect has been the great people I have met and the friends they have become. Thank  you for sharing and letting me be part of those special moments!